Philosophical Arguments for the Logical Priority of the Epistemic
Stray Thoughts on Ignorance and Ignorant PolicymakersListen now (20 min) | More on the bailout{s). A little bit on Israel and France.
The Logical Priority of the Epistemic: The Theoretical Foundation of the Problem of Policymaker Ignorance
WIPMI Book Club: The Lords of Easy Money by Christopher LeonardListen now (35 min) | Dr. Bernanke, Return the Nobel Prize
The political epistemology of doing something versus doing nothing
Why Do Policymakers Double-Down on Failed Policies?Listen now (38 min) | Hint: It's not because they're all-knowing and all-powerful wizards...
How to Respond to Policymaker Ignorance: In Defense of Policy Skepticism
How to Respond to Policymaker Ignorance: The “Constitutional” Approach
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The Problem of Policymaker Ignorance